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[texts]ERIC ED389663: Image and Identity: Clothing and Adolescence in the 1990s. - ERIC
This document looks for meanings in the U.S. adolescent's relationship with clothing and fashion. The material is designed to be used with senior high school students but may be adapted for older or younger students. The topic is particularly relevant to English, sociology, home economics, history, and current events classes. In four activities students move from general observations about clothing to consideration of their own personal wardrobes, then to focus on school/community styles, and fi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescent Attitudes; Aesthetic Values; Clothing; Cultural Influences; Design Preferences; Material Culture; Secondary Education; Values
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED354176: Music Education: Why? What? How? = Musiekopvoeding: Waarom? Wat? Hoe? Papers Presented at the National Music Educators Conference (Pretoria, South Africa, April 9-12, 1990). - ERIC
This collection of papers was presented at a South African national music educators conference. The conference set forth educators' concern about the current crisis in music education in South Africa. The critical state is summarized under two headings: (1) the law and abating status accorded to music education within general education; (2) the lack of coherence in music education owing to ongoing fragmentation...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Cultural Awareness; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Music Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED354208: Contemporary Materials for Teaching New Aspects of Art Education. A Resources Review. - ERIC
This document is an annotated bibliography of currently available instructional materials and resources for use in art education. As teachers strive to implement new emphases on content and learning experiences related to newer aspects of art education such as aesthetics, art criticism, and art history, as well as creative art experiences, they are asking many questions concerning what kinds of instructional resources they can use to enrich existing creative arts or art production curricula...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Annotated Bibliographies; Art Criticism; Art Education; Elementary Secondary Education; Instructional Materials
Downloads: 8
[texts]ERIC ED362457: The Art of Showing Art. Revised and Updated. - ERIC
This book focuses attention on the art objects collections and how to display them. Designing the effective placement of objects is an easily learned art. Starting with the basics, the book takes the reader step by step through a systematic method, to solutions for display problems. The first chapter covers basic concepts of display including composition, compositional direction, subject matter, impact interest, visual weight, color, and visual mass and spacing...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art; Art Appreciation; Art Products; Display Aids; Exhibits; Nonverbal Communication
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED282545: Single-Frame Cinema. Three Dimensional Computer-Generated Imaging. - ERIC
This master's thesis provides a description of the proposed art form called single-frame cinema, which is a category of computer imagery that takes the temporal polarities of photography and cinema and unites them into a single visual vignette of time. Following introductory comments, individual chapters discuss (1) the essential physical properties of these vignettes, which are referred to as motion-stills; (2) the conceptual properties of the motion-still; and (3) presentation of the art form...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Animation; Art Expression; Computer Graphics; Motion; Three Dimensional Aids
[texts]ERIC ED284310: Historical Development of Television Aesthetics/Television Theory. - ERIC
Even though television scholar Herbert Zettl singlehandedly created the term "television aesthetics" by proclaiming that TV is an art, television studies are still excluded from the respectable divisions and disciplines of knowledge. Television is considered the epitome of mass culture/kitsch, and the very idea of a TV "masterpiece," for example, is improbable. "Television theory" would be a preferable label for a field of study that has been developing in isolated strands since the 1930s, and w...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Cultural Influences; Mass Media; Popular Culture; Technological Advancement; Television; Television Research; Theories
[texts]ERIC ED283231: Television Aesthetics as Aesthetics. - ERIC
In opposition to popular disparaging of television as an artistic medium, television can be considered as having its own aesthetics and can be placed in the category of fine arts (as opposed to folk arts). Television art can and should be distinguished from video art and film art in the ways in which it imitates reality; program content and filming technique are two ways in which television art separates itself...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Film Study; Fine Arts; Mass Media Effects; Popular Culture; Television
[texts]ERIC ED369686: Sir Herbert Read and Art Education History. - ERIC
In order to understand the place of Herbert Read both in 20th century aesthetics and art education, one needs to carefully consider the entire field of English art and aesthetics from 1900 to the beginning of the Second World War. This time frame was dominated by the thoughts of Roger Fry and Clive Bell, and works both literary and visual, of the Bloomsbury Group. This period in English art and design was characterized by the response of Roger Fry to cubism and the work of the avant garde in Eur...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art Criticism; Art Education; Art History; Educational History; Foreign Countries; Higher Education
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED316179: Three Dimensional Video: Perceptual and Aesthetic Drawbacks. - ERIC
The revolution brought about by computerized technology, in general, and television imagery, in particular, challenges the perceptual habits and alters the television viewer's means of expressing appreciation of the aesthetic merits of such television images. This study speculates on several perceptual and aesthetic drawbacks of future massive applications of three dimensional (3-D) video images. Specifically it: (1) reviews the technology of existing 3-D media; (2) discusses the principles of v...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Computer Graphics; Television; Three Dimensional Aids; Visual Literacy; Visual Perception
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED370584: An Eclectic Approach to the Interpretation of Visual Statements. - ERIC
A visually literate person's lexicon for interpreting visual statements, without regard to medium, could include an eclectic array of possibilities. Some definitions and demonstrations of the various approaches are presented. The premodern, or connoisseur's approach, is characterized by a central concern with the assessment of quality, and such assessment was predicated on a deep conviction of a hierarchical aesthetic...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Definitions; Hermeneutics; Modernism; Nonverbal Communication; Postmodernism; Semiotics; Symbolism; Traditionalism; Values Education; Visual Arts; Visual Literacy
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED375025: Studies in Aesthetic Preference (Salkind Art Preference Test Two). - ERIC
A revised Salkind Art Preference Test was developed with more representational works than in the original. The revised instrument consisted of 39 slides of paintings grouped according to types such as landscape, still life, figure, and portraits. This test was administered to a 72 student sample in a beginning level design history class at a major urban university. Subjects indicated preferences as their degree of like or dislike on a five point Likert scale...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Values; Art Appreciation; Art Education; Attitude Measures; Higher Education; Undergraduate Students; Visual Arts
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED337815: Implementing the Study of Multicultural Aesthetics in Film and Video. - ERIC
Film and television in the western world are highly stylized and culturally specific products. A course on multicultural aesthetics in film and video should introduce the student to perceptual alternatives in film and television use. Some of these alternatives can be derived from three well-established areas of film/television study: the representational/reproductive cinema; non-European film and video; and experimental film and video...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Course Descriptions; Cultural Context; Cultural Differences; Film Production; Film Study; Higher Education; Multicultural Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED380350: The Unity in Dewey's Aesthetics and Logic. - ERIC
The essay explores the common threads that wove through John Dewey's "Art as Experience" and "Logic: The Theory of Inquiry" (published 1934 and 1938 respectively). Both works were parts of a system of ideas, not isolated books as some critics suggest. In order to show that there is a common basis for Dewey's two books, literature that has surfaced since 1938 is reviewed. This literature shows how Dewey's theory of aesthetics (in "Art") was received...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Aesthetics; Cognitive Processes; Critical Thinking; Foundations of Education; Logic; Philosophy; Pragmatics; Reflective Teaching
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED359709: On the Nature of Expertise. - ERIC
This paper on the nature of expertise discusses implications of findings of an earlier study into the problem-solving, problem-finding and thought processes of 3 groups: 20 professional artists (experts), 20 semiprofessional artists (non-experts), and 20 non-artists (novices), each group consisting of 10 male and 10 female adults. Subjects were all given a "game" and instructed to "do whatever you like with it" and then asked later to verbally recount their mental processes as they observed a vi...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adults; Aesthetic Values; Artists; Cognitive Processes; Creative Development; Creative Thinking; Problem Solving; Talent; Visual Arts
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED384058: John Dewey and Robert Pirsig: An Invitation to "Fresh Seeing." - ERIC
While reading John Dewey's "Art as Experience" and Robert Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values," a graduate student observed close affinities between what Dewey referred to as "experience" and Pirsig referred to as "quality." Both texts are concerned with cultivating the appreciation of aesthetic things. When the student found himself conspicuous in the Chicago Art Institute because of the amount of time he spent at particular exhibits, he became distressed...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art Appreciation; Comparative Analysis; Creative Expression; Educational Philosophy; Evaluation; Higher Education; Writing (Composition)
Downloads: 10
[texts]ERIC ED368556: The Future of the Geosciences in the Pre-College Curriculum. - ERIC
Many are aware that to secure a safe Earth for future generations means that people must know more about the Earth, its inhabitants, and the role that each plays in sustaining life on Earth. This lack of knowledge today has led to decisions such as the destruction of the rainforest, the growing and inefficient use of fossil fuels, and until recently the continued use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). In order to rectify this problem, many educators and scientists have suggested the development and ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Earth Science; Educational Change; Elementary Secondary Education; Integrated Curriculum; Science Curriculum; Science Education; Scientific Literacy
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED367565: Art Criticism: The Potential of Conrad Fiedler's Ideas for Art Education. - ERIC
This paper discusses the ideas of Conrad Fiedler, a 19th century German philosopher of art, concerning art criticism, or the judging of works of visual art. In addition to a brief biography of Conrad Fiedler, the paper's main subject is Fiedler's ideas on art criticism as expressed in his book "On Judging Works of Visual Art" (1876, translated 1948). The paper also includes translation of some of Fiedler's aphorisms and statements from his other writings...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art; Art Criticism; Art Education; Art History; Curriculum; Elementary Education; Higher Education; Philosophy
Downloads: 10
[texts]ERIC ED375010: Dilemmas of Equity in Art Education: Ideologies of Individualism and Cultural Capital. - ERIC
Practices intended to promote equity, reproduce inequity. Theories based on belief in individualism concentrate attention on individual differences, removing social differentiations. Being concerned with the formation of common culture, art educators present aesthetic objects as culturally neutral, devoid of the context from which they were produced, thus presenting the illusion that a hierarchy of aesthetic quality exists that is fixed and agreed upon...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Values; Art Education; Cultural Context; Elementary Secondary Education; Equal Education; Higher Education; Individualism
Downloads: 11
[texts]ERIC ED312186: Discipline-Based Art Education: An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come Again? An Annotated Bibliography. - ERIC
Art education in the United States has constantly sought some degree of reinforcement of purpose throughout its history. By closely examining some of the experiences of the past, insights into the validity of a discipline-based approach to art education should emerge. Such knowledge should enlighten the profession, so that rational and valid decisions, based on sound research and thoughtful consideration, may be made for the future...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Values; Art Activities; Art Education; Art History; Curriculum Design; Curriculum Enrichment; Elementary Secondary Education
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED343388: A Sociosemiotic View of the Grasp of Language at Reality: The Lexical Field "Aesthetic Judgment." - ERIC
The French and English terms for characteristics of human beauty are compared and contrasted from the perspective of how sociosemiotic factors influence the ways different speech communities deal with reality. First, background and theoretical approaches to sociosemiotically based research are discussed. The adjectives examined are listed and the semiotically relevant criteria by which the various terms are assigned to individuals are outlined...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adjectives; Aesthetic Values; Contrastive Linguistics; Cultural Context; English; French; Language Research; Linguistic Theory; Semiotics; Sociolinguistics; Value Judgment
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED324257: Art Education: Common Curriculum Goals. - ERIC
This publication defines and outlines the state of Oregon's common curriculum goals for art education, an area of study that addresses the components of art production, art heritage, aesthetics, and art criticism. An overall goal for each one of these four strands is established, and content specific knowledge and skills that students should possess by the time they complete a particular grade level are enumerated...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art Criticism; Art Education; Art History; Art Products; Curriculum Development; Elementary Education; Minimum Competencies; Skill Development; State Curriculum Guides; Student Educational Objectives
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED310024: Beyond Universalism in Art Criticism. - ERIC
The character of art criticism, both how it naturally occurs and how it is academically constructed, is reflective of social and aesthetic value orientations--much as the art object itself has been found to be a clue to the values of the society in which it is practiced, used, and appreciated. The belief that the art object possesses characteristics and meanings separate from its sociocultural context, and separate from how it has been interpreted in various times and spaces, has resulted in ass...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Values; Art; Art Appreciation; Art Education; Art History; Critical Thinking; Cultural Context; Curriculum Development; Higher Education; Secondary Education
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED325460: Encores II: Travels through the Spectrum of Dance. A Selection of Readings from 1978-1987. - ERIC
This anthology of articles, selected from writings in the "Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance" and the "Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport" (previously "Research Quarterly") over a 10-year period, offers insights into the growth in dance education and the changes during those years in pedagogical, creative, and philosophical issues. The collection of 37 articles is divided into 8 sections: (1) "Pathmakers: A Historical Perspective"; (2) "Diversified Landscapes: Movement ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Athletics; Childhood Needs; Dance; Dance Education; Dance Therapy; Elementary Secondary Education; Folk Culture; Higher Education; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED300256: Wilderness Vision Quest: A Journey of Transformation. - ERIC
The Wilderness Vision Quest is an outdoor retreat which helps participants touch, explore, and develop important latent human resources such as imagination, intuition, creativity, inspiration, and insight. Through the careful and focused use of techniques such as deep relaxation, reflective writing, visualization, guided imagery, symbolic drawing, expressive movement and group process, participants learn how to bond deeply to themselves, each other, and to the natural world, and return to their ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Environmental Education; Natural Resources; Outdoor Education; Perception; Perceptual Development; Postsecondary Education; Program Improvement; Resource Centers; Sensory Experience; Visualization
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED354912: Informational Graphics in the Public Library. - ERIC
Many public libraries in the United States have undertaken the planning process suggested by the Public Library Association. They have incorporated into their mission statements some of the Association's eight basic library service roles as local priorities. This study explored the relationship between the chosen service role of 12 public library facilities in Lorain County (Ohio) and the quality of the informational graphics used by the libraries...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Check Lists; Evaluation Criteria; Graphic Arts; Instructional Materials; Library Facilities; Library Planning; Library Services; Public Libraries; Readability; Reliability; Signs; Users (Information)
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED342717: [Multicultural Education and the Arts.] - ERIC
This issue os Spectrum contains six articles devoted to the theme of helping teachers develop multicultural teaching methods by examining the relationship of art, culture, and art education. In "Multi-cultural Art: A Learning Process," Linda Kreft addresses the problem of cultural biases that children acquire over time. Patricia Stuhr in "Wisconsin's Native American Visual Art" presents a rationale for studying the art of other cultures, in particular the art of Wisconsin Native Americans...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art Appreciation; Art Education; Art Expression; Cultural Activities; Educational Philosophy; Elementary Secondary Education; Enrichment Activities; Fine Arts; Handicrafts; Multicultural Education
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED368667: The South Carolina Framework for Music Education. - ERIC
This document is a South Carolina curriculum model that identifies four broad areas of study. These components, which should be present in all music education courses, are: (1) aesthetic perception and concept development; (2) creative expression and skills development; (3) music heritage, both historical and cultural; and (4) aesthetic valuing, or application of knowledge and skills. The first component consists of sound generations and modifications, pitch, rhythm, harmony and texture, form, t...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Creative Expression; Curriculum Design; Curriculum Development; Educational Objectives; Elementary Secondary Education; Guidelines; Music; Music Appreciation; Music Education; State Curriculum Guides
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED358955: Drawing's Demise: U-Shaped Development in Graphic Symbolization. - ERIC
This cross-sectional study examined the u-shaped development in graphic symbolization, a theory postulating that aesthetic properties of preschool children's drawings are similar to those of adult artists' drawings. Subjects were 140 artists and non-artists from 7 age groups, ranging from 5-year-old children to adults. All subjects were given the same 3 drawing tasks (draw: happy, sad, and angry), and the resultant 420 drawings were scored across 5 aesthetic dimensions...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescents; Adults; Aesthetic Values; Age Differences; Artists; Childrens Art; Comparative Analysis; Developmental Stages; Freehand Drawing; Metaphors; Preschool Children; Preschool Education; Symbolism
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED368622: Chaos Theory in the Arts and Design. - ERIC
This paper explores questions associated with chaos theory as it relates to problems in the arts. It reviews the work of several scholars including Minai, Eckersley, Pickover, the Kirsches, and the Molnars. The document directs special attention toward three basic areas in art and design education, which are: (1) the integration of the computer into the practice of the fine arts (as separate from computer assisted design) as a conceptual and a creative tool; (2) the implications of chaos theory ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art Education; Chaos Theory; Cognitive Psychology; Computer Assisted Design; Computer Science; Design; Fine Arts; Higher Education; Visual Arts
Downloads: 6
[texts]ERIC ED370558: Aesthetics and Screen Design: An Integration of Principles. - ERIC
Screen design, as an inherent part of the interface within computer-based instructional programs, is a critical component to the communication potential of the medium. This paper establishes aesthetics as an essential and necessary component of screen design and of instructional design. Current screen design guidelines tend to overlook the aesthetic. Effective screen design attempts to promote communication for the learner and program design that pays attention to the aesthetic of the screen des...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Communication (Thought Transfer); Computer Assisted Instruction; Computer Software Development; Courseware; Graphic Arts; Instructional Design; Screens (Displays); Visual Learning; Visual Literacy; Visual Perception
Downloads: 7
[texts]ERIC ED281623: A Study of Young Children's Aesthetic Sensitivity to Drawing and Painting. - ERIC
This study examines the emergence of aesthetic sensitivity in the young child as a maker of art and as a critic of the work of peers. Two studies were designed to explore the child's own, mostly implicit, assumptions about child art, sensitivity to stylistic and drawing system differences, and to compositional patterns that characterize the work of younger and older children. The first study examined kindergarten children's spontaneous productions; the extent to which certain media, such as pain...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Age Differences; Art Materials; Art Products; Childrens Art; Elementary School Students; Kindergarten Children; Motivation; Primary Education; Selection; Standards; Value Judgment
[texts]ERIC ED285223: Music, Television, and Video: Historical and Aesthetic Considerations. - ERIC
Rock videos have their antecedents in film and television images, although music in films is usually background music. Television made possible the live transmission of musical numbers with visuals. The musical television commercial is an amalgam of conventions, with background music suddenly erupting into text, unheard by the characters but obvious to the listeners. New wave television commercials, closely allied to rock videos, resemble silent film, with synchronous, nondiegetic background mus...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Film Study; Mass Media Effects; Music; Music Appreciation; Musicians; Popular Culture; Songs; Television; Television Commercials; Theories; Value Judgment; Visual Stimuli
[texts]ERIC ED370857: Aesthetic Preference for Human Figures. - ERIC
This study reports descriptive and correlational data relative to the aesthetic preferences for the human figure on the Salkind Art Preference Test (SAPT). The study is an example of the descriptive aesthetic method in which methods, descriptive statistics, and factor analysis are employed to explore the relationships among specific works of art as measured by the aesthetic preferences of the college undergraduate student in history of design survey course...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art Education; Art History; Attitude Measures; Design Preferences; Higher Education; Social Science Research; Student Attitudes; Undergraduate Students
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED300255: How Wilderness Experience Programs Facilitate Personal Growth: The Hendee/Brown Model. - ERIC
This paper offers a conceptual model or theory that synthesizes previous research, personal experience, and years of dialogue with instructors of wilderness programs, and other wilderness users. The goals of this model are to create a useful tool to help practitioners improve their programs and train instructors, focus additional research, help users understand how to use the wilderness for their own benefit, and increase understanding by resource managers about how the natural environment they ...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Environmental Education; Models; Natural Resources; Outdoor Education; Perception; Perceptual Development; Postsecondary Education; Program Improvement; Resource Centers; Sensory Experience
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED319091: New Communication Media Technologies: Perceptual, Cognitive and Aesthetic Effects. - ERIC
Visual communication media technologies, particularly television, hinder rather than enhance viewer perceptual processes, understanding, and aesthetic appreciation of visual messages transmitted by means of such technologies. Emerging technologies, including high-definition, interactive, and holographic television, will not necessarily improve or leave unaffected the perceptions of viewers. Research indicates that perceptual changes dictated by the new media are not easily adaptable by the avera...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Cognitive Processes; Communication (Thought Transfer); Mass Media Use; Technological Advancement; Television Research; Television Viewing; Video Equipment; Visual Stimuli
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED368629: Aesthetics from Below: Possible or Impossible? (A Factor Analytic Study.) - ERIC
This study reviewed possibilities for looking at aesthetic perception in art using the D. E. Berlyne approach, identifying alternative methods, and reporting the results of a factor analytic study of preferences of young college adults for abstract art. The Berlyne approach used stimulus objects of simple to complex abstract components of the more complex works. Earlier methods such as the Barron method fostered studies that compared the aesthetic preference of children and adults to those of ar...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Values; Art; Art Education; Art History; Design; Design Preferences; Higher Education; Slides; Visual Arts; Visual Perception; Young Adults
Downloads: 4
[movies]MIT 24.262 Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science, and Technology, Spring 2004 - MIT OpenCourseWare
Instructor: Prof. Irving Singer This course is a seminar on creativity in art, science, and technology. We discuss how these pursuits are jointly dependent on affective as well as cognitive elements in human nature. We study feeling and imagination in relation to principles of idealization, consummation, and the aesthetic values that give meaning to science and technology as well as literature and the other arts...
Keywords: Feeling; Imagination; Creativity; Art; Science; Technology; Philosophy; Psychology; Process; Discovery; Invention; Emotion; Idealization; Consummation; Aesthetic Values; Affective; Cognitive; Human Nature; Literature
Downloads: 2,873
[texts]ERIC ED306904: Arts Unlimited. - ERIC
Arts Unlimited, housed at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, is a program of aesthetic education in the schools of northwestern and north central Ohio and is modeled after and works with Lincoln Center Institute, the educational division of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. The goal of Lincoln Center Institute and its colleagues is to help students and teachers perceive and evaluate the aesthetic elements of specific works of music, theater, dance, and visual arts...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Values; Art Appreciation; College School Cooperation; Cultural Activities; Cultural Enrichment; Dance Education; Excellence in Education; Higher Education; Models; Music Appreciation; Program Descriptions; Public Schools; State Programs; State Universities; Student Development; Teacher Improvement
[texts]ERIC ED333032: Judging Acting Ability: The Transition from Novice to Expert. - ERIC
The aesthetic judgments of experts (casting directors and high school drama teachers), theater buffs, and novices were compared as they rated high school students' videotaped performances of Shakespearean monologues. It was hypothesized that theater buffs would represent an intermediate stage on the path to developing expertise in judging acting ability. The judge sample (N=27) included nine experts, nine theatre buffs, and nine novices, with each expert being matched with a theatre buff and nov...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ability; Acting; Aesthetic Values; Art Criticism; Comparative Analysis; Drama; Evaluation Methods; Evaluators; High School Students; High Schools; Individual Development; Interrater Reliability; Matched Groups; Performance Based Assessment; Secondary School Teachers; Student Evaluation; Value Judgment; Videotape Recordings
Downloads: 1
[texts]ERIC ED381417: Education Facing the Crisis of Values: Strategies for Strengthening Humanistic, Cultural, and International Values in Formal and Non-Formal Education. - ERIC
This document was prepared on the basis of discussions at a workshop organized by UNESCO and other groups on the subject of education facing the crisis of values from the point of view of: (1) cultural identity and cultural diversity in education; (2) humanistic, ethical, and aesthetic values in education; and (3) education facing the ethical problems that arise from scientific and technological progress...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Cultural Differences; Curriculum Development; Educational Development; Educational Policy; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; International Cooperation; International Educational Exchange; Multicultural Education; Science and Society; Values Education
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED333033: Assessment of Acting Ability. - ERIC
The aesthetic judgments of experts (casting directors and high school drama teachers), theater buffs, and novices were compared as they rated the videotaped performances of high school students performing Shakespearean monologues. Focus was on going beyond the determination of between-judge agreement to determine whether there were objective criteria that could differentiate the group ratings of the students...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Ability; Acting; Aesthetic Values; Art Criticism; Comparative Analysis; Drama; Evaluation Criteria; Evaluation Methods; Evaluators; High School Students; High Schools; Interrater Reliability; Matched Groups; Performance Based Assessment; Performance Factors; Secondary School Teachers; Student Evaluation; Value Judgment; Videotape Recordings
Downloads: 2
[texts]ERIC ED388602: The Art of Seeing: An Interpretation of the Aesthetic Encounter. - ERIC
This study attempts to gain information concerning the receptive, as opposed to the creative, aesthetic experience by talking to museum professionals who spend their working lives identifying, appraising, and explicating works of art. The study is based on an underlying assumption that rules and practices for looking at art exist and must be mastered if success is to ensue. The anthropological research approach uses semi-structured interviews and subjects the responses to systematic analysis...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Values; Art; Art Appreciation; Art Criticism; Audience Response; Critical Viewing; Higher Education; Museums; Perception; Professional Education; Sensory Experience; Skill Analysis; Visual Arts; Visual Literacy; Visual Stimuli
Downloads: 5
[texts]ERIC ED344746: Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Groupe Canadian d'Etude en Didactique des Mathmatiques. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, May 25-29, 1990). - ERIC
These conference proceedings include two invited lectures, three working group reports, three topic group reports, two Ad Hoc group reports, a round table report, a list of participants, and a list of previous proceedings. The invited lectures were: "Values in Mathematics Education" (Ubiratan D'Ambrosio) and "Remarks on Understanding in Mathematics" (Anna Sierpinska). The topics of the working group reports were: (1) Fractal Geometry and Chaos for High Schools (Ron Lewis and Brian Kaye); (2) The...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Benchmarking; Calculus; Cognitive Processes; Concept Formation; Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Methods; Foreign Countries; Fractals; Functions (Mathematics); Mathematical Models; Mathematics Achievement; Mathematics Curriculum; Mathematics Education; Multiplication; Probability; Secondary School Mathematics; Social Values; Teacher Education; Values
Downloads: 4
[texts]ERIC ED338386: Impressions of Reggio Emilia. - ERIC
The preschools operated by the municipality of Reggio Emilia in Emilia Romagna, Italy, have drawn the attention of early childhood educators worldwide. This paper describes five features of these preschools. First, the educational philosophy of the schools is influenced by the high value accorded to cooperation in nothern Italian culture; Bruner's concept of learning as a communal activity; and Issacs' concept of learning as active inquiry...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Education; Aesthetic Values; Art Education; Communication Skills; Cooperative Learning; Educational Facilities Design; Educational Philosophy; Experiential Learning; Foreign Countries; Parent Participation; Parent Teacher Cooperation; Preschool Children; Preschool Education; Preschool Teachers; Reggio Emilia Approach; Student Projects; Teaching Methods
Downloads: 3
[texts]ERIC ED285453: ACT COMP Test Data, Fall 1986. Eastern New Mexico University. AAHE Assessment Forum Paper. - ERIC
Results of assessing Eastern New Mexico University students' cognitive outcomes are presented as one component of research being conducted by the Student Impacts and Outcomes Committee. The impact of general education studies on undergraduates' integration and utilization of knowledge is being assessed using the American College Testing Program's College Outcomes Measures Program (ACT COMP) objective test...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art Appreciation; Cognitive Development; College Students; Communication Skills; Educational Assessment; Educational Testing; General Education; Higher Education; Knowledge Level; National Norms; Outcomes of Education; Problem Solving; Scientific Literacy; Social Cognition; Undergraduate Study; Values Clarification
[texts]ERIC ED285680: The Family Environment: The Combined Influence of Family Behavior, Goals, Strategies, Resources, and Individual Experiences. - ERIC
This paper describes a conceptual framework for studying the family environment that (1) incorporates recent advances in understanding multiple social influences on behavior; (2) recognizes common and idiosyncratic characteristics of families as social units; (3) identifies research strategies that can be used to assess families; and (4) generates hypotheses about the reasons families function differently...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Cognitive Development; Cultural Awareness; Emotional Development; Family Environment; Family (Sociological Unit); Health; Individual Development; Interdisciplinary Approach; Models; Moral Development; Physical Development; Research Design; Social Development; Social Influences; Systems Approach
[texts]ERIC ED377117: Arts and Learning Research, 1990. The Journal of the Arts and Learning Social Interest Group. - ERIC
The papers in this volume begin with an editorial by Patricia L. Stuhr, "The Changing Faces of the Arts and Learning Research SIG and Its Journal". It is followed by 11 articles: (1) "Novice-Expert Differences in Understanding and Misunderstanding Art and Their Implications for Student Assessment in Art Education" (Judith Smith Koroscik); (2) "A Comparison of Novice-Expert and Developmental Paradigms in Terms of Their Use in Work on the Assessment of Student Learning in Art Education" (Michael J...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Adolescent Development; Adolescents; Aesthetic Values; Art Education; Artists; Cognitive Processes; Educational Legislation; Educational Media; Elementary Secondary Education; Learning Strategies; Learning Theories; Literature Appreciation; Media Research; Student Evaluation; Thinking Skills
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[texts]ERIC ED289407: Education and Values. - ERIC
The role of the university in moral and value issues are discussed in a 1987 inaugural address by the president of Indiana University. He suggests that a college education should include values through both intellectual inquiry and example. Liberty to speak and write is an essential value if faculty and students are to achieve their academic missions. The freedom of the university ensures that many approaches to moral tenets may be tested...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; College Presidents; College Role; Educational Opportunities; Equal Education; Ethics; Freedom of Speech; Higher Education; Intellectual Freedom; Leadership Responsibility; Moral Values; Political Attitudes; Values; Values Clarification
[texts]ERIC ED289207: Readers Theatre: An Annotated Bibliography. - ERIC
Defining readers theatre as a form of aesthetic communication that encompasses ensemble or group oral interpretation including dramatic production of literature, this annotated bibliography emphasizes traditional theory and practice. The 34-item bibliography cites material from the following types of sources and topics: (1) books and journals; (2) description and application; (3) text and adaptation; (4) performance and production; (5) criticism and evaluation; and (6) bibliography...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Annotated Bibliographies; Choral Speaking; Communication Research; Drama; Elementary Secondary Education; Higher Education; Literature Appreciation; Oral Interpretation; Readers Theater; Speech Communication; Theater Arts; Theory Practice Relationship
[texts]ERIC ED274597: Art. Elementary Teacher Resource, 1985. - ERIC
Designed to accompany the "Elementary Art Curriculum Guide," this resource is divided into 3 levels: level 1 grades 1-2, level 2 grades 3-4, and level 3 grades 5-6. The material is presented in a standardized format which includes four major components: reflection, depiction, composition, and expression. Once a concept has been chosen, suggested methods or strategies are given as examples of how the concept might be taught...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Aesthetic Values; Art Activities; Art Education; Art Expression; Creative Activities; Elementary Education; Elementary School Curriculum; Foreign Countries; Grade 1; Grade 2; Grade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 6; Integrated Curriculum; Teaching Skills
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